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Last Updated on March 1st, 2024

When enrolling on a qualification, course, CPD or online product/service with Parallel Coaching you are accepting the following terms and conditions.

Welcome to Parallel Coaching. If you continue to browse our website and use this website, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use, which together with our privacy policy and GDPR govern Parallel Coaching’s relationship with you in relation to this website, products, and services.

If you disagree with any part of these terms and conditions, please do not use our website or purchase any products, services or enroll in any courses.

These Terms and Conditions are applicable for all products and/or services by Parallel Coaching and associated websites.

This is a product offering within Parallel Coaching LTD.

Company Registration No: 08376881.

All correspondence is requested to be over email [[email protected]] to allow for the most efficient reply duration. Alternatively, contact can be made using 0751 373 5700

Parallel Coaching LTD’s registered office address is 4 Carloggas Grove, St Columb Major, TR9 6RD.

This is an office address only, and no training takes place at this address.

Updates. This Terms & Condition page displays the most current version of Parallel Coaching LTD Terms and Conditions.

1) Introduction

1.1 These terms and conditions (the “Terms”) and any credit approval application (“Credit Application”) are the basis of the contract (the “Contract”) between Parallel Coaching LTD (“Parallel Coaching LTD”/”us”/”we”/”our”) and you.

1.2 We may amend these Terms from time to time. Every time you wish to make a booking with us, please check these Terms to ensure you understand the terms which will apply at that time.

2) Application of these terms


2.1 Payment of the requisite fee (as detailed below) is an offer by you to enter into a binding contract with us, which we are free to accept or decline at our absolute discretion.

2.2 We intend to rely upon these Terms and any document expressly referred to in them in relation to the Contract between you and us. While we accept responsibility for statements and representations made by our duly authorised agents, please make sure you ask for any variations from these Terms to be confirmed in writing.

2.3 We have the right to revise and amend these Terms from time to time. You will be subject to our Terms (including policies and procedures) in force at the time that you enrol on a course with us, unless any change to those policies or these Terms is required by law or government or regulatory authority in which case the same will apply to courses you have enrolled on or started.

2.4 If you do not provide us with the requisite information, or you provide us with incomplete, incorrect or inaccurate information or instructions, we may make an additional administration charge of a reasonable sum to cover any extra work that is required or choose to cancel this Contract.

3) Application, enrollment and payment

3.1 Applications will only be accepted with payment of the deposit or full payment, although please note that some courses require payment of the full fee. Please note that any deposits are non-refundable.

3.2 If your course requires you to have a particular qualification as a pre-requisite, you must provide proof of that qualification before completing the course. If you are unsure of the suitability of your pre-requisite please contact the ParallelCoaching team to check before enrolling.

3.3 The balance of product/services fees (i.e. the total fee(s) less any deposit previously paid) is due prior to certificates being released, or completion of the product/service.

3.4 All course bookings are subject to availability.

3.5 If you are unavailable when course materials/ certificates are delivered to the address provided by you and they are not collected from the local depot an additional distribution fee may be charged if we are required to take receipt of, collect and/or redeliver the materials.

3.6 Our stated course fees include any delivery charges we incur to send course materials to a UK mainland address other than as stated in these Terms. Please note if your course materials have to be delivered to a non UK address, you accept liability for the additional delivery, or customs charges are incurred. Please contact Parallel Coaching [[email protected]] to check the delivery charge for your course materials.

3.7 Please print your name clearly on the application form. Your name will appear as detailed on the form on your certificate. A fee of £50 will be charged should you wish to amend and re-print your certificate.

3.8 All products and services, must be completed within a 24-month period of the start date, unless otherwise arranged with the Parallel Coaching team. After the twelve-month enrolment Parallel Coaching LTD reserve the right to cancel your course/product/service, without refund.

3.8.1 The 24-month time frame is in place to ensure that latest occupational standards are met and the appropriate qualification/learning resource is received by each learner, as appropriate to what is paid.

3.8.2 If after the time stated in 3.8 you decide to complete the course rather than allow for cancellation. Further fees will be chargeable to cover administration, support, materials, re-registration and attendance days if appropriate.

3.8.3 The Parallel Coaching Academy has lifetime access from the moment of payment unless stated otherwise in your registration journey. You are able to complete this service/product in your own time and at your own leisure.

3.9 Each product has a varying time of delivery, after payment has been received.

3.9.1 Courses and Qualifications involve manual registration process and the shipment of resources to you in the post.

As a result your confirmation and welcome email will be with you within one week of payment. And your resources will be posted to you at least four weeks before the first attendance day. If you require this sooner then please do contact Parallel Coaching stating your specialist requirements. you will receive your physical course resources via the Royal Mail.

3.9.2 The Parallel Coaching Academy has lifetime and instant access from the moment of payment. Instant Access can take up to 1-hour to process. If your registration has been completed but you are still not able to access The Parallel Coaching Academy platform after one hour, then please do contact the Parallel Coaching Team on [email protected]

3.9.3 The Revision Bootcamps are entirely digital products and there is instant access from the moment of payment. Instant Access can take up to 1-hour to process. If your registration has been complete but you have still not received your email from Parallel Coaching after one hour, make sure you check your spam folder, then please do contact the Parallel Coaching Team on [email protected]

3.10 Prices are subject to change from time to time, however you will be charged the price that is currently advertised or that which has been agreed with you.

3.10.1 Special offers. From time to time Parallel Coaching may announce special offer prices of courses to the students who book the course within certain period of time with dates defined clearly in the special offer terms.

The discounted price/offer will only be valid to the students who make the full payment or in case of the payment plan - the first installment payment agreed with Parallel Coaching Sales Team. If the first payment does not reach Parallel Coaching by the last day of the special offer the regular price of the course will apply to the student.

Only one special offer will be honoured at a time unless agreed otherwise by a member of the Parallel Coaching sales team. If you have purchased a course and then find that this course has subsequently been offered at a different price or incorporating different components you will not be entitled to the special offer price or course package.

3.10.2 The student is required to inform Parallel Coaching about any card detail changes and provide new card details in case of name change, card expiry date change or if the event that the card was lost or stolen.

4) Late payments

4.1 Where payments are made by agreed instalments and those instalments have not been paid on the due date, we reserve the right to withhold the release of certification, support, results and materials until outstanding sums are paid.

No refund of any course fees paid by you will be made.

We also reserve the right to charge interest on late payments at a rate of 4% above the base rate from time to time of Barclays Bank (or other UK clearing bank) as may be notified to you accruing on a daily basis until payment is made.

If you are a business, we additionally reserve the right to claim interest under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998.

5) Changes and cancellations by you

5.1 Cancellation under the Distance Selling Regulations

5.1.1 If you are a consumer and make a booking via our website or by telephone, you have a legal right to cancel a Contract under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000) (‘Distance Selling Regulations’) during the period set out in clause. This means that during the relevant period if you change your mind or for any other reason you decide you do not want to enrol on a course, you can notify us of your decision to cancel the Contract and receive a refund.

Advice about your legal right to cancel the Contract under these regulations is available from your local Citizens’ Advice Bureau or Trading Standards office

5.1.2 If you exercise your legal right to cancel under the Distance Selling Regulations, you will receive a full refund of the price you paid when booking and any applicable delivery charges you paid for. We will process the refund due to you as soon as possible and, in any case, within 30 calendar days of the day on which you gave us notice of cancellation as described clause

5.1.3 Your legal right to cancel a Contract starts from the date when a booking is made - which is when the Contract between us is formed. You have a period of 7 (seven) working days in which you may cancel the booking, starting from the day after the day when the booking is made. Working days means that Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays are not included in this period.

5.1.4 If your course is due to start within 7 (seven) working days of when a booking is made, your legal right to cancel under the Distance Selling Regulations will not apply.

5.1.5 In relation to The Academy; if you decide that you would like a refund or cancel, then please contact the Parallel Coaching team. Your log-in will be frozen and your paid fees totally refunded to you within 30 days of the notice being given. The 30-day money back guarantees, is only applicable for 30 days (incl working and non-working) of purchase being made. No refunds will be given after the 30 day guarantee period.

5.1.6 In relation to the Revision Botocamps, there is no refund available on this product. If you are not satisfied with the product and it does not meet your expectations then you can liaise with the Parallel Coaching team [[email protected]].

5.2 Other rights of Cancellation.

5.2.1 We understand that occasionally, due to unforeseen circumstances, applicants may need to alter or cancel their arrangements. In these cases every effort will be made to accommodate the change, although please be aware that it may not always be possible. There may also be a delay in enrolling you onto an alternative course. To request an alteration or to cancel your course booking you must send a letter of cancellation, together with an alternative booking (where applicable) to our Head Office no later than: for electronic based distance learning courses within 28 days of the original booking date; or for any other course that includes an attendance day(s) – no later than 28 days before the start of the original course.

5.3 Any alterations and/or cancellations are at our discretion and are subject to an administration fee, as outlined below.

5.4 Provided your request is received by us within the time frame specified above then:

5.4.1 where you wish to transfer to an alternative course and we are willing accommodate your request then any fees paid, including the deposit, will be transferred to the alternative course; or

5.4.2 where you wish to cancel your course booking but do not wish to enrol on an alternative course, where approved, we will refund you the balance of the fees paid, less the deposit.

5.5 For attendance courses no refund will be given for changes or cancellations made with less than 28 days’ notice of the first attendance day, and under no circumstances will the deposit be refunded.

5.6 The following administration charges will apply to all cancellations or alterations:

5.6.1 Distance Learning, Online learning resources and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses will be liable to an administration fee of £50.00; and/or

5.6.2 Course Packages and Bundles (including all associated modules within this course) will be liable to an administration fee of £150; and/or

5.6.3 Failure to attend or cancellation of an exam (all courses) may be liable to an administration fee of £25.00.

5.7 In cases where a refund of fees is due, this will be returned to you (at our election) either by cheque or a direct refund on to the credit/debit card used as the original method of payment. The administration fee will be deducted from the amount refunded. We will aim to make this payment within 30 days of your notifying us of the cancellation. If you wish to transfer courses more than once, we reserve the right to charge an administration fee in respect of each individual transfer and/or alteration.

5.8 We reserve the right to make additional charges on cancellation to cover costs incurred by us in respect of course materials, online learning registrations and/or tutor time. You will be notified of any charges that may be applicable on cancellation.

5.9 Any Bundle purchased will be treated as one purchase and as such, will be treated as a single course. Refunds will therefore not be given for course downgrades or partial cancellations. For example, Parallel Coaching Master Diploma downgraded to a single course booking will still be liable for the full Parallel Coaching Master Diploma fee. For example the revision bootcamp bundle will be viewed as one purchase and cannot be split into separate items with equivalent pricings. This includes bespoke bundles, promotional bundles, the diploma packages and any other combination of multiple courses/ products.

5.10 If you fail to attend and fail to inform us that you will not be attending, you will have to re-book the course and pay the full fee (minus the cost of the materials) once again. If you fail to attend a course and have outstanding payments you will still be required to pay in full, without receiving the product or service. The notification time frame is stipulated in 5.2.1

6) Changes and cancellations by us

6.1 If circumstances arise that are beyond our control, it may be necessary from time to time to change/cancel course dates, content, venues and prices from those published.

Whilst we will make every effort to transfer your booking to the next available course at your preferred venue, it should be noted that we will not be held liable for any costs/losses incurred as a result of any such changes. If we are no longer able to provide your course, we will ask you to return any course materials to us (at our expense) in the condition as originally delivered to you and refund to you any fees paid to date when we receive the materials as required.

6.2 We reserve the right to remove from any course, students that fail to comply with its standard practices and procedures.

We reserve the right to refuse enrolments and/or suggest alternative arrangements if we believe that it will not be in our best interests of other participants and/or the individual concerned to attend one of our courses.

7) Liability

7.1 If you are a business, subject to clause 7.4, we will under no circumstances whatever be liable to you, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty, or otherwise, arising under or in connection with the Contract for:

7.1.1 any loss of profits, sales, business, or revenue;

7.1.2 loss or corruption of data, information or software;

7.1.3 loss of business opportunity;

7.1.4 loss of anticipated savings;

7.1.5 loss of goodwill; or

7.1.6 any indirect or consequential loss.

7.2 In any event, our liability to you in respect of any claim made will not exceed the course fee paid by you.

7.3 If you are a consumer, if we fail to comply with these Terms, we are responsible for loss or damage you suffer that is a foreseeable result of our breach of these Terms or our negligence, but we are not responsible for any loss or damage that is not foreseeable. Loss or damage is foreseeable if they were an obvious consequence of our breach or if they were contemplated by you and us at the time we entered into the Contract.

7.4 We do not in any way exclude or limit our liability for:

7.4.1 death or personal injury caused by our negligence;

7.4.2 fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation;

7.4.3 any breach of the terms implied by section 12 of the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (title and quiet possession);

7.4.4 any breach of the terms implied by section 13 to 15 of the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (description, satisfactory quality, fitness for purpose and samples); and

7.4.5 defective products under the Consumer Protection Act 1987.

7.5 Every effort is made to keep the website up and running smoothly. However, Parallel Coaching Ltd takes no responsibility for, and will not be liable for, the website being temporarily unavailable due to technical issues beyond our control.

7.6 Submission of work. Where your course requires work to be submitted you are required to submit this by the date stipulated from student support.

Failure to do so will mean that you will not be assessed on the designated assessment days and you will therefore incur the appropriate charge to reschedule your assessment dates; these fees are in-line with those stated in 5.6

8) Intellectual property

8.1 All written materials supplied by us, belong to us until payment in full has been received.

8.2 All course materials and any online subscriptions and electronic or hard copy resources are provided solely for your personal use in connection with your course, and are not permitted to be distributed to others. They remain the intellectual property of Parallel Coaching LTD, and/or the relevant author.

8.3 Online log-ins are for your use only, and are not allowed to be shared with others.

8.4 If Parallel Coaching LTD suspect misuse of this log-in and intellectual property usage, then we reserve the right to suspend your course/product or service with immediate effect, and no refund. Following investigation into the matter you may have the service re-instated or cancelled, with no refund available.

9) Events outside our control

9.1 A party shall not be in breach of this agreement, nor liable for any failure or delay in performance of its obligations under this agreement to the extent that such delay or non-performance is due to circumstances beyond that party’s reasonable control.

9.2 Parallel Coaching endeavour to book quality training venues at convenient times and dates. However, from time to time these may change and this may be outside of our control.

9.3 Extreme weather conditions. It is very unlikely that your course will be cancelled relating purely to bad weather conditions. This will only be the case if the venue is affected or have restricted access.

If for any reason, the attendance days are cancelled - you will be told with as much notice as possible, and a replacement attendance day will be arranged.

If you cannot attend an attendance day, due to bad weather, or even down to other situations, then the content will not be repeated for you. however, your tutor will be able to give you a summary of the topics covered.

You can however re-attend the equivalent day on the following course for free, as long as this is arranged as soon as possible with the Parallel Coaching Team.

We do not want you to take any unnecessary risks when considering whether to travel to the attendance days or not. As adults enrolled on a blended learning course, we ask you to think responsibly before travelling through any bad weather conditions.

Parallel Coaching LTD do not accept any liability of injuries, losses or damage that occurs when travelling to or from the attendance day venues.

10) Earnings disclaimer

Every effort has been made to accurately represent our products and their potential.

10.1 There is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas in these materials, products and services. Examples in these materials are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings. Earning potential is entirely dependent on the person using our products, ideas and techniques. We do not position these services and products as a "done-for-you" service.

10.2 Any claims made of learner successes or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. Your level of success in attaining the results claimed in our materials, products and services depends on the time and commitment you devote to the product, service or materials purchased. Since factors differ according to individuals, we cannot guarantee your success or income level. Nor are we responsible for any of your actions.

10.3 Forward-looking statements give our expectations or forecasts of future events. You can identify these statements by the fact that they do not relate strictly to historical or current facts. They use words such as “anticipate,” “estimate,” “expect,” “project,” “intend,” “plan,” “believe,” and other words and terms of similar meaning in connection with a description of potential earnings or financial performance.

10.4 Any and all forward looking statements here or on any of our sales material are intended to express our opinion of earnings potential. Many factors will be important in determining your actual results and no guarantees are made that you will achieve results similar to ours or anybody else’s, in fact no guarantees are made that you will achieve any results from our ideas and techniques in our material.

10.5 Please note that all content is accurate at the time of writing and publishing. However, some rules, regulations, and guidelines may change in time.

If you are operating outside of the UK then it is your own responsibility to ensure that the advice offered matches the rules, regulations and guidelines of your designated country.

11) Referral programme


11.1. Eligibility: To qualify for participation in the Programme you must: (i) be an individual who is at least eighteen (18) years old; (ii) be able to receive payments from a UK bank account.

11.2. Referrer Registration: To register as a referrer you must complete the Referrer Registration Form above. Referrals will only be accepted from individuals who have submitted their details above

11.3. Referral Registration: To register a potential student interested in a PC course (Referral), you will need t complete the referral form above (or on attached url) enter the details of the referred person and click the submit button (Referral Registration). By doing so, you agree the Referral: ~ Has agreed to have their details passed to PC and understands they will be contacted by a representative ~ Is at least 18 years old ~ Has expressed an interest in a PC course ~ Is not a current student of PC Referrals that have enquired directly with PC within the last 3 months are not eligible under the Referral Programme. Parallel Coaching LTD – registered company number 8376881, Section 3.

11.4. Referral Fees: If a Referral enrols on the Level 2 Fitness Instructor or the Level 3 Personal Trainer Course(s) course with PC, you will be contacted with a confirmation email which will also include details of the referral, confirmation of their enrolment - and a PC invoice template. As the referee you will need to complete the invoice template, submit via email to PC and the referral fee will then be paid within 28 days of the invoice receipt. You will not be entitled to Referral Fees for anyone who has not had their details submitted as outlined in the Referral Registration. PC will not be liable to you with respect to any such failure.

You will not earn a Referral Fee for an enrolment if the student receives a refund for the enrolment in accordance with PC's Enrolment Terms and Conditions. By submitting this form, you acknowledge you are responsible for and will pay all tax and national insurance contributions which are due in relation to the Referral Fees and agrees to indemnify PC in respect of all income tax and national insurance contributions which may be found due from PC in respect of the Referral Fees together with any accumulated interest or penalties.

11.5. Payment terms: Referral Fees owed will be paid within 28 days of the invoice being received from you as the referee.

All payments to you shall be made via electronic bank transfer. Payment shall not be made by any other method unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing by PC. All decisions relating to payments under the PC Referral Programme are the reserve of Parallel Coaching LTD alone and all decisions are final. Thank you for reading and accepting these Terms and Conditions

12) Miscellaneous

12.1 If any court or competent authority decides that any of the provisions of these Terms are invalid, unlawful or unenforceable to any extent, the term will, to that extent only, be severed from the remaining terms, which will continue to be valid to the fullest extent permitted by law.

12.2 If we fail, at any time while these Terms are in force, to insist that you perform any of your obligations under these Terms, or if we do not exercise any of our rights or remedies under these Terms, that will not mean that we have waived such rights or remedies and will not mean that you do not have to comply with those obligations. If we do waive a default by you, that will not mean that we will automatically waive any subsequent default by you. No waiver by us of any of these Terms shall be effective unless we expressly say that it is a waiver and we tell you so in writing.

12.3 A person who is not party to these Terms shall not have any rights under or in connection with them under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.

12.4 These Terms shall be governed by English law and you and we both agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

13) Covid-19

Parallel Coaching LTD have assessed the COVID-19 risks and implemented a detailed risk assessment and mitigated any/all risks as best possible. Whilst the risks of contracting and dispersing COVID-19 are still prevalent, Parallel Coaching have adhered to all current and ever changing Government guidelines to ensure all attendance days are safe.

13.1 As of the 1st February 2022 all Courses with face-to-face attendance days are taking place as normal. This follows the guidelines from the Government at the time of writing.

It is the learner's personal responsibility to adhere to any and all Government guidelines that may affect the participation of online training.

13.2 If guidelines include lockdowns and restrictions, this will affect the ability for face-to-face attendance days to go ahead. Courses will be postponed and rescheduled. All learners enrolled on the postponed courses will be automatically re-enrolled onto the same course with later attendance dates.

13.3 All learners on the postponed courses will receive alternative study resources, and weekly learning tasks to help progress within their area of study. Parallel Coaching reserve the right to adapt the course and learning structure according to requirements.

13.4 All learners that have an ongoing Payment Plan, are expected to continue payments as agreed. Failure to make payments will be followed up as per our terms and conditions section 4 of Terms and Conditions.

13.5 Learners that cannot attend newly appointed course dates, will be offered alternative solutions.

13.6 As per Section 5.5 for attendance courses no refund will be given for changes or cancellations made with less than 28 days’ notice of the "first attendance day", and under no circumstances will the deposit be refunded.

In case of a postponed course, the "first attendance day" quoted in section 5.5 above, refers to the original dates on the learner welcome confirmation email, rather than newly arranged course dates.

13.7 Before any attendance days every learner MUST complete a pre-screening questionnaire and answer questions as per the NHS guidelines, to ensure they are free from any/all COVID-19 symptoms.

Parallel Coaching does NOT ask for evidence of vaccinations or negative COVID tests.

It is the learners responsibility to answer truthfully. If a learner should report any/all COVID-19 symptoms they are requested NOT to attend, to contact local authorities, and seek self-isolation as per Government Guidelines. The learner will then be rescheduled to attend the same course at a later date, and adhere to all other terms and conditions illustrated above.

It is the learner's responsibility to adhere to all Government guidelines whilst on attendance days. Whilst Parallel Coaching LTD will update learners of current guidelines, enforce and remind, it is the learners personal responsibility to take the appropriate and constant action.

13.8 It is under no circumstance that Parallel Coaching LTD can be found at fault or blame should a learner present COVID-19 symptoms or fall ill or develop life-threatening conditions or go on to death. Parallel Coaching has not asked the learner to attend nor made it mandatory.

Any learner can postpone their attendance until they feel it's personally safe to attend.

The learner's attendance is entirely at their own risk.

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