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Become A Knowledgeable And Confident Fitness Professional.

"FIT-Progressions: Unleash Your Fitness Potential

Embarking on a career as a fitness professional can be an exhilarating yet nerve-wracking journey.

The anticipation of guiding others toward their fitness goals is often accompanied by an undercurrent of self-doubt and the unsettling feeling of impostor syndrome.

This anxiety is not uncommon and can stem from various sources.

Perhaps it's the weight of responsibility associated with guiding a client?

Or the constant evolution of fitness trends,

Or the feeling that there's so much to learn and remember to navigate the intricacies of training a client.

Aspiring and seasoned fitness professionals alike grapple with the persistent thought:

"Am I truly equipped to make a meaningful impact on someone's fitness journey?"

"Where do I start?"

"What if I get it wrong?"

"What if I injure them?"

"I've not trained anyone before..."

This internal dialogue can create a barrier to stepping confidently into the role you've worked hard to achieve.

Understanding and addressing these feelings of low confidence, knowledge and self-doubt is crucial for every fitness professional. These feeling however, don't just go away on their own or over time.

The go away, when you take action.

Knowledge increases the more you set aside time to learn. The more you enjoy learning, the more you confidence increases. This is the perfect formual to banish those feeling of self-doubt and imposter syndrome.

If you took 1000 confident and knowledgebale fitness professioanls and asked them the formula to success... they'd all agree to never stop learning and master your craft.

That's exaclty what FIT-Progressions has done for 1000s of trainee and newly qualified FITPROs.

It's not another qualification with more assessments. It's an online programme to help you master your craft.

The online tuitorials and cheat sheets take you through the entire journey of training a client. This will help you complete your Level 3 Personal Trainer coursework and equally set you up to find clients, plan your first session and train a clients iver a period of time.

We'll take you through 18 interactive tutorials.

There's no more guessing.

There's no more self-doubt.

It's time to master your craft and this is your invitation to enroll in FIT-Progressions.

You'll get instant and lifetime. Plus every week we host a live training and Q&A session for you to join. Here you can get work marked and reviewed or simply ask a question about your clients.

What's more, you get the entire back catalogue of live training to explore.

Whether you are still training and need help completeing your case study, newly qualified and need a help with your first client or simple need a boost in knwoeldge. Below is a full outline of what you'll get when you enroll today.

8 Modules

18 Tutorials

Live Q&A

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There are no deadlines to complete and you have lifetime access.

Everyone learns at different speeds and in a variety of ways. That's why you can work through at your own pace, plus download everything to MP3 and MP4 so you can learn offline.

Fit-Progressions comprises of 18 Video Tutorials, complete with cheat sheets, MP3s, and MP4 downloads, enabling you to watch, listen, and learn offline at your convenience.

Here’s a brief overview of what you’ll learn in your Fit-Progressions Course:

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The BIG Picture

Module 1 introduces FIT Progressions. Giving you a simple and structured strategy to work safely and effectively with a real client. This 10,000ft view gives you great context to each tutorial and your ideal clients journey.

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Consultation 1

Module 2 Tutorial 1 deep dives into how you should conduct a double consultation. You'll learn how to build lasting rapport and ask world-class questions that become the backbone to all your client planning.

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Consultation 2

Module 2 Tutorial 2 focuses on all the fitness testing you could implement with a client. You'll learn how to choose, delivery and interpruet all the static and dynamic tests. ranging from blood pressure to skin-fold to CV, Resitance, Core and Flexibility.

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Module 3 brings together both consultation 1 and 2 so you can make a sound predictive plan for your client. You'll learn how to extract key client priorities, goals, and barriers to ensure your planning remains client centered.

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Nutrition Foundations

Module 4 Tutorial 1 deep dives into the foundational knowledge of nutrition. Learn key terms relating to energy balance, fueling exercise, and the effect of nutrition on physcial activity.

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Providing Nutrition & Lifestyle Advice

Module 4 Tutorial 2 gives you clear guidance on the nutrition advice a FITPRO can offer. Learn how to calculate required daily calories for a variety of client goals.

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