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For Trainee FITPROs Struggling To Learn Muscles

How to learn & remember ONE muscle a day and PASS your anatomy exam with ease...

... without spending ages revising, forgetting what you learned, getting confused by your manual, or having to click through boring online learning.

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Learn & Remember all 37 muscles

Level 2 Muscle Memory Flashcards

No need to make your own... We've done it for you!

You need to know 37 muscles for your Level 2 Anatomy and Physiology Exam.

There are 23 lower body muscles and 14 upper body muscles in module 2 of your exam.

Chances are you took one look at the muscles section in your course manual and immediately thought...

"I can barely remember their Latin names... let alone all the origins and insertions!"

Only to close the manual and question why on earth you need to know muscles in so much depth?

Am I right?

And we want to be the first to say... "You are not alone"

We've been teaching trainee fitness professionals now for 12 years all over the world and we're yet to find anyone who found learning muscles easy.

Most people find learning muscles overwhelming... after all, there are 37 muscles to learn and each muscle has 6 facts to remember (I'll list these six facts below).

That's 600+ bits of muscle knowledge to remember.

Leaving you baffled on where to start, what to learn, and how best to learn it all.... that's the true definition of overwhelm.

That's why we creates the Muscle Memory Flashcards.

Learning muscles can be fun, simple, and straight-forwards.

No one learns from a boring table in a manual or clunky online learning you can't easily go back to.

Most trainee fitness professionals remember things by using their visual and auditory memory. Then attaching meaning to what they see and hear.

For example... if I asked you.

"What colour is the front door on your house?"

You will seek a visual image, and hear yourself recalling the colour of the door.

Your brain already holds this information. We just don't require it all the time.

Recalling the muscles works the exact same way, but first, you need to construct a visual image so you can recall it during your exam.

This is exactly what these flashcards do.

Each Muscle Memory Flashcard gives you a clear image and six clear muscle facts:

1️⃣ Name and Location

2️⃣ Origin

3️⃣ Insertions

4️⃣ Muscle Actions

5️⃣ Joints Crossed

6️⃣ Exercise Examples

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The level 2 Muscle Memory Flashcards are mapped to the Active IQ, CYQ, YMCA, Focus Awards, Future Fit, iTec, and VTCT syllabus. This means you are learning exactly what you need to for your exam.

95% of Level 2 anatomy exams have 40 questions. Your anatomy & physiology exam covers 7 modules so you can expect approximately 8 questions per module.

More recently muscles have seen closer to 8-10 questions. This means muscles make up 20-25% of the exam and for many is the lynchpin behind a pass or refer.

That's WHY... we'll leave no muscle un-turned and guide you every step of the way, with:

✔️ Exactly what you must know to pass the first time or the next time

✔️ What muscles typically come up in the latest Level 2 Anatomy exam

✔️ Give you unseen mock questions and a cheat sheet to help consolidate each muscle.

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There's no more guessing or searching Google for answers.

Enroll below and get lifetime and instant access to your 37 Muscle Memory Flashcards & Cheat Sheet.

Print Your Flashcards For A Surefire Way To Simply Revise Muscles

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Or Keep On Your Phone Or Tablet For Quick Reference To Revise Anywhere, Anytime!

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This is a digital product. So you have your Muscle Memory Flashcards with you all the time.

(Note: No phsyical pack is sent out).

Whether you are in-between work meetings, waiting for the kids after school, or putting the kettle on… you can now revise muscles wherever you are.

Here's Everything You Get Inside Your Level 2 Muscle Memory Flashcards

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✔️ Welcome & 5-Step Guide To Learning Muscles

✔️ Level 2 Muscle Memory Flashcards (Digital)

23 Lower Body Muscles

14 Upper Body Muscles

✔️ Cheat Sheets for both upper and lower body muscles

✔️ Unseen Muscles Mock Questions

✔️ Instant and Lifetime Access... download to multiple devices

✔️ Bonus 1: Accountability to complete your revision

✔️ Bonus 2: 24/7 Student support

Get Instant & Lifetime Access To Your Level 2 Muscles Memory Flashcards for £24.99

* One-time fee and no repeat payments

What Learners Are Saying

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Our #1 priority here at Parallel Coaching is your Happiness.

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This means we stand by our product 100%, no matter what, no questions asked, no holds barred, no ifs, no ands, no buts.

If you have a problem, we will solve it. Refund it. Give you 121 revision coaching. Whatever it takes. Just reach out to our customer happiness team:

[email protected]

We're here to help. Happiness. Guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm studying with another Training Provider

90% of those who enroll are with another training provider for the main qualification and exam... only you want more help, guidance, and support to learn, revise and remember the muscles.

The Level 2 Muscle Memory Flashcards are mapped against all leading awarding bodies including Active IQ, CYQ, VTCT, Future Fit, Focus Awards, YMCA, Transcend Awards, iTec, and NASM exams.

If you find learning and revision tough?

and can't get to grips with your course manual or clunky online learning then join 9000+ other FITPROs that have used our revision resources to pass their exam the first time or on their next resit.

When will my flashcards arrive?

The level 2 muscle memory flashcards and cheat sheets are digital.

This means you'll get instant access to them once you enroll below.

Simply input your details and on the next screen you'll set up your login area to the Parallel Coaching Academy.

Here you can download your revision flashcards and start revising just 3-mins from now.

Do I need internet to access the Flashcards

All of the resources are housed in our secure membership area, so you will need internet to gain access to the modules.

You are able to download your flashcards to multiple devices or print them out.

This allows you to save it on your phone/ tablet/laptop and revise over and over, even without internet access.

Lots of students have used this when working out, on a lunch break, whilst in-between meetings or whilst out on a walk…

You can now find extra time to learn and revise leading you to pass your exam the first time with confidence.

How long do I have access for?

You get instant and lifetime access.

If your exam isn't for another 6 months, we have you covered.

Similarly, if you pass next week you can still come back next year to top up your knowledge.

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One Time Offer: Level 2 Muscle Memory Sprint

Let me talk you through each flashcard. Add 19x audio downloads to your Muscle Memory Flashcards. Each audio talks you through each muscle group and muscle flashcard. Follow along to 5-easy muscle memory steps and let me teach you everything you must know. It's time to commit each muscle to your memory. Click the 'circle' to add this to your order now for just one single payment of £21.99 (This offer is not available at ANY other time or place)
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