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Squat Assessment Bootcamp

Bridge the gaps in your knowledge by discovering key aspects to consider when observing your client's Squat.

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You will be able to spot postural compensations in your clients and gain the knowledge to correct them.

✔️ Observe your client's movement in detail
✔️ Recognise postural compensations in your client
✔️ Identify joints that are misaligned
✔️ Understand which muscles are tight and weak in the body
✔️ Learn how to effectively program to correct compensations

Have you ever noticed a client move with "bad Form" and wondered why or how to improve their performance?

We've taken away all the guessing for you...

Literally teaching you how to assess movement patterns, explaining what to look for, and sharing the secrets of how to interpret and plan for success.

We know that in health and fitness there’s no “magic pill ?”, but there are predictable ways to lose fat, gain muscle, increase endurance, and look and feel our best. The same is true for improving client performance and movement patterns.

The Squat Assessment Bootcamp is your sure-fired predictable way to observe, analyse and interpret client movement with confidence.

We'll teach you the 'ins and outs' of what's happening at each stage of the squat. We'll analyse each joint action, their plane & axes of movement, and key muscles.

You'll progress your observation skills and knowledge to become a human X-ray machine, seeing every minute movement taking place.

We'll show you exactly what to look for when observing your client from 360 degrees, so you can identify misalignment and recognise inefficient movement patterns.

What's more, you can use these newfound observation skills on every exercise your client completes. You'll never again have to wander around the client not knowing what you should be looking at or for.

We'll give you 3 easy-to-apply tools that will indicate:

◾️ How to rate and score the efficiency of each joint action

◾️ If a joint is stable or unstable, mobile or immobile

◾️ If a muscle is short and tight or long and weak

With this NEW data collected from the client, we'll give you a clear strategy called the "HOLY GRAIL" which will organise and categorise key compensations. This feature-length document inside the VAULT literally shows you which muscles need to be stretched or strengthened.

You'll now be able to prioritise each stage of your client programmes and create effective warm-ups to prepare them to move more efficiently on a session.

This means you can now plan a programme so specific for your client they'll hit their goals quicker than ever before.

So you stand out as a FITPRO that gets client results.

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There are no deadlines to complete and you have lifetime access.

So if you’re working a full-time job (or you’re a full-time parent) — you can go at your own pace.

That said, if you’re ready to make a rapid change to your observational skills, you can work through all 20 video tutorials within 5 hours.

Lifetime access means you can keep coming back to learn and refresh your knowledge as many times as you like.

Squat Assessment Bootcamp

4 Learning Sections

20 Tutorials

The Squat Assessment Bootcamp is divided into 4 Learning Sections, featuring 20 video tutorials, cheat sheets, and resources to assist you.

Here’s a brief overview of what you’ll learn in your Squat Assessment Bootcamp.

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This section welcomes you to the Bootcamp with anatomical key terms. You'll refresh your anatomical and physiological knowledge specifically related to the squat.

This includes joint actions, planes of movement, and axis of movement.

We also look at the structure and capability of each joint in the body. We'll introduce some key concepts about posture, mobility, and stability.

Section 1 provides a clear focus on how to analyse your client's technique and posture.

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Section 2, gives you clear processes and protocols to follow

We start with the SOAP protocol to provide the underlying structure to all the data you collect.

You'll learn exactly what to ask your client in your consultations.

And learn how to extract the most important information from what your clients say and how they move.

You'll learn how to introduce the squat assessment, and how to collect data. Further still, we explore how to score you score your client's postural compensations.

This section will quantify your assessment process, removing any self-doubt and overwhelm.

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Section 3 puts your newfound knowledge to the test. You'll film yourself and others performing the squat assessment. From here it's all about analysing and boosting your knowledge.

You'll learn how to observe with confidence. And identify joint malalignment and compensations.

Additionally, you'll discover tools for quantifying tight and weak muscles. Such as the 5-Inch Wall Protocol and the Thomas Test.

At the end of this section you'll know exactly:

  • What muscles need stretching
  • and what muscles need strengthening.

Now you can be confident any plan you put in place is specific to the client's goals and postural needs.

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Using your observations and Squat Assessment scoring chart, we now identify exactly which muscles are tight and weak.

Section 4 draws everything together.

Plus give you the "Holy Grail template". This template helps you identify which muscles are tight and weak. Whether you are analzying the squat or any other movement, this template has you covered.

Finally... we'll go through a case study so you can see how to apply this new knowledge throughout the whole process.

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Alongside the 20 video tutorials and cheat sheets, you also have a Document Vault.

Here you'll have unlimited access to all of the resources to implement the squat assessment straight away.

The Document Vault hosts 18 resources that you can download at the click of a button.

You can personalise them with your own branding and tweak them as you wish.

This makes it easy for you to make a Squat Assessment part of your normal FITPRO service.

Binge Watch The Entire Squat Assessment Bootcamp In 5 hours.

Here’s what a typical download session might look like:

  • Step 1. Login into the Parallel Academy, select the "Squat Assessment Bootcamp"

  • Step 2: Select the first or next video tutorial, download the cheat sheet alongside and complete it as you go.

  • Step 3. Each video tutorial is approx 15-mins long (you have 20 in total)

  • ​Step 4. Get involved and immediately analyse your own movement patterns.

  • ​Step 5. View online or download as MP4 to any device.

  • Step 6. Reach out to us at Parallel Coaching for guidance and lifetime updates.

Download And Personalise Your Squat Assessment Documents And Implement Them With Your Clients Immediately.

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There's No More Guessing What To Do, What To Look Out For Or How to Confidently Correct A Client Movement.

Here's Everything You Get Inside Your Squat Assessment Bootcamp

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✔️ 20x Video Tutorials: Taking you through the entire Squat Assessment Protocol

✔️ 20x Cheat Sheets: Learn and test yourself as you go!

✔️ HOLY GRAIL Squat Assessment Toolkit: Rinse & Repeat the protocol with every client. Identify the tight and weak muscles and how to correct movement compensations.

✔️ "Document VAULT" - All the documents and templates you need to implement a squat assessment immediately.

✔️ Lifetime Access + Updates

✔️ Unlimited Student Support

✔️ Non-Techy Guide To Downloading Your Tutorials

Enroll Today For Just £39.99

Get Instant & Lifetime Access To Your Squat Assessment Bootcamp

Here's Everything You Get Inside Your Squat Assessment Bootcamp

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✔️ 20x Video Tutorials: Taking you through the entire Squat Assessment Protocol

✔️ 20x Cheat Sheets: Learn and test yourself as you go!

✔️ HOLY GRAIL Squat Assessment Toolkit: Rinse & Repeat the protocol with every client. Identify the tight and weak muscles and how to correct movement compensations.

✔️ "Document VAULT" - All the documents and templates you need to implement a squat assessment immediately.

✔️ Lifetime Access + Updates

✔️ Unlimited Student Support

✔️ Non-Techy Guide To Downloading Your Tutorials

Enroll Now For Just £39.99

Get Instant & Lifetime Access To Your Squat Assessment Bootcamp

Our #1 priority here at Parallel Coaching is your happiness.

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This means we stand by our product 100%, no matter what, no questions asked, no holds barred, no ifs, no ands, no buts.

If you have a problem, we will solve it. Refund it. Give you 121 coaching. Whatever it takes. Just reach out to our customer happiness team:

[email protected]

We're here to help. Happiness. Guaranteed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Parallel Coaching

We are one of the UK's leading fitness training providers for Personal Training, Fitness Instructor qualifications and short CPD courses.

We have partnered with Active IQ since 2012 and have been certifying our health-fitness students for many years now.

Call us: 075 1373 5700

Email: [email protected]

I'm brand new to fitness or I'm a fitpro veteran - is this still relevant

100% without a doubt the Squat Assessment Bootcamp is for you.

Especially if you are learning to become a fitness professional and have coursework and assessment to complete.

Plus if you are newly qualified and just starting out.

Ultimately you'll get immediate access to all the tutorials and cheatsheets you need to plan, deliver, interpret and advise a Squat Assessment.

You'll also learn vital consultation skills that can easily be applied to other tests and protocols.

Plus you'll have a 101 tour of key anatomical and physiology systems of the body. Here you'll learn why knowing anatomy and physiology is key to your practical delivery, understanding, and client planning.

Can I just learn this online for free?

Probably. There’s a seemingly endless amount of information for free on every topic available online if you’re willing to look long and hard enough.

The Squat Assessment Bootcamp is not about 'secrets' hidden documents of magical systems.

Our material has been carefully selected and improved since 2012 with the help of feedback from thousands of learners before you.

What we've built for you is a clear squat assessment protocol.

You'll get 20 short video tutorials, cheat sheets, and supporting documents.

There's no more searching for free stuff. No more guessing what to do or questioning if you are doing it right or not!

Do I need special software?

The Squat Assessment Bootcamp does not require any software installation to utilize.

You can download all your tutorials and cheat sheets via the Parallel Coaching Academy... you'll get your own login password and you can access this off any device.

To access your course simply open your favorite browser and log in to the Academy.

Scroll to the Squat Assessment Bootcamp and start learning or downloading to learn offline.

You can print off or edit your cheat sheets and resources, as well as save them to yoru desktop for future use.

How much support do I get?

The Squat Assessment Bootcamp is proud to offer lifetime access as part of your enrollment.

We know walking this road can seem daunting, and we want to ensure you know that you’re never walking it alone.

We’re here for you in four different ways.

Quick: Reach out in our closed FB group

Direct: Live chat with the Parallel Coaching team with a quick back and forth is all you need.

Comprehensive: Email us if you’re looking to have a more comprehensive and in-depth conversation.

Accountability: Book phone calls with us as often as you like, or schedule ongoing calls to hold you accountable.

And when we say lifetime, we mean it.

We have students from ten years ago who still come back to check-in and get help.

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