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Level 1 Towel Instructor Course

Learn how to train a client anywhere, anytime using just a towel.

This little-known and underused piece of kit is often dragged around during a client session but never used to its full advantage. Following this 1-day CPD course, and virtual exercise library, the towel will soon become your preferred go-to equipment when planning one-to-one and group sessions.

Course Overview

You'll learn 100+ towel exercises that will add huge variety and choice to your planning. These include Cardiovascular, Resistance, and Game-play.

Towel training is arguably the most underused, yet most adaptable and effective piece of portable equipment that a FITPRO could own.

Ultimately Towel training is more than just a series of exercises. On the course, you'll learn how to:

replicate a pulley machine with an unlimited selection of load, meaning that intensity can be varied in an instant.

deliver training systems effortlessly and adapt any exercise in an instant.

plan and deliver fun and interactive sessions that get your clients smiling and fully invovled.

and more so... how to confidently perform each towel exercise yourself and coach a client to optimal performance.

The course is 90% practical meaning you get to hone your technique and get valuable feedback from your tutors and others on the course

This one-day course is delivered face-to-face in our Milton Keynes Academy.

There is no pre-course work to complete.

The attendance day is all about building your coaching and confidence using a towel.

There is easy access via main road routes and free parking on site. Also, the main central train station is just a 5-min walk away from our Parallel Coaching Milton Keynes Academy.

You'll also get a virtual exercise library with lifetime access and updates of 100+ towel exercises.

You won't have to remember the exact ins and outs of each exercise or game... this is all on-demand in your virtual exercise library.

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Entry Requirements

To complete this course, you must already hold a Level 2 or 3 fitness qualification. This could be Level 2 fitness instructor, Level 2 exercise to music, Level 3 PT, or level 3 Yoga and Pilates.

It's good to have a reasonable amount of experience in fitness. That could be in a gym, studio, home, or Bootcamp setting. You certainly don’t need to be an expert, although once you graduate as a Level 1 Towel Instructor you'll be an expert.

What will you learn

Benefits of Towel Training

A Towel is arguably the most versatile and portable equipment that a FITPRO could own and sue.

Being portable means that you could train your clients in a park, a gym, their home, your garden, a sports hall, or a studio.

Unlike other portable pieces of equipment, the towel is often bought by the client so you do not need to lug around vast amounts of kit.

A towel is cheap, easily replaceable, and easily cleaned.

What's more, a client can sink their hands into the towel as they grasp it.

Meaning they don't hold a cold kettlebell or bar and for many clients who expeience joint pain in their hands, the towel offers s a comfy and warm approach to training.

Further still, many clients get overwhelmed or stuck with chasing arbitrary numbers on a weight stack.

The towel offers resistance with no numebr allocated, yet overload is still fully achieved on every set.

This simply yet under-used approach to training offers a client comfort, variety, and convenience... yet still delivers a huge bang for its buck to get results.

How to plan a Towel session

It might seem straight forwards to plan a towel session... after all, it's just a series of exercises? or is it.

You'll learn the intricacies of planning a Towel session, including:

✔ Creating a balanced program
✔ Exercise order
✔ Timings and intensities
✔ Planning for specific goals
✔ Adaptations and Progressions
✔ Warm Ups and Cool Downs
✔ Towel specific mobility exercises
✔ Gameplay and group interactive exercises

How to progress a Towel session

A Towel session can be progressed in many ways, it is not just about changing the exercises in every session.

You'll also learn how to:

✔ Choose the appropriate resistance
✔ Progress timings
✔ Change the complexity of exercises
✔ Adapt global session variables

During the course, you'll learn how to logically progress a Towel session, which includes finding the BEST intensity for your client.

By the end of the course, you'll feel confident in being able to manage 121 and groups session, each working at different intensities to suit their own goals and needs.

You'll also learn how a Towel session can be used for all components of fitness, including resistance, cardiovascular, flexibility, sport-specific, and motor skills.

Towel Exercise Library

You'll learn 100+ towel exercises that include resistance, cardiovascular, core, agility, balance, coordination, flexibility, and gameplay.

All the exercises are also hosted on a closed video tutorial playlist which you can watch time and time again post-course to ensure you never forget a thing.

How to deliver a 121 and group Towel session

The versatility of Towel training means that you can deliver one-to-one sessions or in groups. Each requires a different set of instructing skills.

On the course, you'll gain the confidence to talk and coach in front of larger groups.

Plus learn the intricacies of voice projection, voice control, and pitch so you don't appear like a Sargent Major in the Army and just shout.

You'll also learn what to say, where to stand and move, how to progress individuals and control each session as a leader.

Towel Business

It's vital you leave any of our courses with a clear route to get a solid return on your investment.

During the course, you'll have a tutorial that shows you exactly HOW to incorporate circuits into your current fitness business and build on your business plan.

Many of our learners complete the Level 1 Towel Instructor course whilst on their level 2 gym instructor or shortly after their level 3 personal trainer qualification.

It's crucial you have clarity on your next step on how to get found, get clients and build a solid fitness tribe of your own.

How you'll be assessed

Throughout the course attendance day, you will instruct dozens of towel exercises. Towards the end of the day, you will be assessed by instructing one lower body and one upper body towel exercise.

This short 1-day CPD course is not about strict practical assessments. It's about learning and applying your FITPRO knowledge to a new tool, and building your FITPRO confidence.

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Learning & Course Materials

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Unlimited Tutor Support

As soon as you enroll, we'll reach out straight away to welcome you to your course.

You can contact us 24/7

It doesn't matter how BIG, small, silly, or complex your questions are... we're here to help you enjoy learning and kick start as a Towel Instructor with tip-top knowledge and confidence.

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Online Virtual Video Library

You'll receive lifetime access to a virtual video library with over 100+ resistance, cardiovascular, agility, balance, coordination, flexibility, and gameplay exercises.

Each short video tutorial details the exercise technique and each step of what to look for and how to coach them.

This virtual video library means you do not need to remember every technique and teaching point on the course. You can now relax and learn on-demand anytime post-course.

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Pass On Course

There is no pre-coursework to do. During the 1-days of attendance, you'll complete a short assessment with someone else on the course.

This short CPD course is about progressing as a FITPRO. It's not about stressing over an assessment. You'll leave the day with your name on a certificate, a huge toolbox of towel exercises and coaching skills, a smile and muscle soreness.

Course Launch Cost: £99 £135

Level 1 Towel

Instructor Course

✔ Entry Requirments = Any L2 or L3 fitness qualification.

✔ Parallel Coaching online video library of every towel exercise.

✔ 1 day of face-to-face attendance in our Milton Keynes Academy (June 18th, 9am-4:30pm)

✔ Instant and lifetime access to our Parallel Coaching Inner Circle

✔ Next step Career Consultation

✔ 24/7 Student Support

FROM:£99 £135

0% Interest Payment Plans

7 Steps To Become A Fully Qualified Level 1 Towel Instructor

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Payment options

When you book below, you'll add your 'Contact Details first,

Then your ''Order details' which is your address... the third tab allows you to select your payment options.

Option 1 = Pay £99 for our NEW launch course offer (usually £135).

Option 2 = Pay £67.50 deposit today.

This allows you to secure your pace on the course and get 100% access to your course materials.

The remaining £67.50 will be paid next month with 0% interest.

Payment plans will be taken automatically each month via a secure payment gateway,

Parallel Coaching does not see or have access to your personal bank details.

Future payments include 1x months at £67.50.

There is NO credit check.

Enter your 'Contact details' below, Add your 'order address details', and then confirm which payment option you are choosing today.

Our #1 priority here at Parallel Coaching is your happiness.

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This means we stand by our product 100%, no matter what, no questions asked, no holds barred, no ifs, no ands, no buts.

If you have a problem, we will solve it. Refund it. Give you 121 revision coaching. Whatever it takes. Just reach out to our customer happiness team:

[email protected]

We're here to help. Happiness. Guaranteed.

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Frequently Asked Questions...

About Parallel Coaching

This Level 1 Towel Instructor course is the first of its kind in the U.K. Parallel Coaching has been teaching towel training to our Level 3 PT and level 2 circuit instructors for 6 years now.

It's time to make it a full course in its own right!

We are one of the UK's leading fitness training providers for Personal Training, Fitness Instructor qualifications, and short CPD courses.

We have partnered with Active IQ since 2012 and have been certifying our health-fitness students for many years now.

Call us: 075 1373 5700

Email: [email protected]

Experienced Tutors & Support

Our personable tutors have over a decade of experience both in the trenches with clients and teaching in the classroom.

Both Neale and Hayley have taught Level 2 and 3 qualifications all over the world since 2008.

We run 2 to 3 Level 1 Towel Instructor Courses per year in our Milton Keynes Academy.

We currently have over 4000 active learners across all our qualifications and courses.

And are pleased to invite you to our Level 1 Towel Instructor course to you.

Do I need to be fit?

Across the 1 day of practical attendance, there are numerous physical lectures.

Each lecture is about your coaching of towel exercises and training systems, not about your physical fitness.

It is an intense day however, you don't need to be super fit.

You can only do what you can do.

We've had learners attend before with broken arms and many with aches, pains, and niggles.

Ultimately the 1 day isn't a test of your fitness... It's a 1-day short course that's gets you qualified to safely plan and deliver towel training.

The day is there to upskill you, pass over knowledge and instill confidence.

Please do not worry about fitness.

Am I too old?

You might think getting into the fitness industry is for the youngsters.

However, the average age of our learners is 43- 48.

On every course, they'll be a mix of ages. They'll be a couple of younger ones in their late 20s and early 30s. Plus a few in the 50s and 60s.

Health and fitness is inclusive. Now more than ever we see people of all ages want to kick-start in fitness.

Perhaps you've had your own fitness journey?

Or you're wanting to start afresh having taken time out to start a family.

Or maybe you're wanting to finish up your working career doing something you love and following your passion.

Whatever your story and age is... The fitness industry has a place just for you.

Why can't I do this online?

You can... just not with Parallel Coaching.

This might sounds tongue in cheek!

But we firmly believe that learning a physical tool requires physical practice.

There's nothing quite like being in the classroom with tutors and other peers.

Here you can learn in a safe environment gain confidence in your technique and instructing skills.

Many of our learners travel from all over the U.K. and Europe to join us. Yes, there are additional time pressures and expenses involved.

However, having taught hundreds of CPD courses since 2008, thousands of graduates have said how much they got from the day and how their confidence in their own technique and instructing skills have vastly improved.

Payment options at basket

You can pay all the fees upfront or you may choose to pay in interest-free, monthly installments.

This is 0% interest with no credit check.

Enter your 'Contact details' below, Add your 'order address details', and then confirm which payment option you are choosing today.

Free Advice: 075 1373 5700

Free advice to any aspiring fitness professionals & career advice to all our students.

Whether it's how to get clients, writing fitness programs, understanding complex exercise-physiology, or what course is best for you!

Just ask us!

Enroll below with 3 easy steps. Enter your contact details, then your address, and then select which course and payment option you'd like.

Once you press 'COMPLETE ORDER' you'll go straight to your Parallel Coaching Academy login page and set up your password access... it's as simple as that.

Your personal tutor (Hayley or Neale) will contact you straight away to introduce themselves and orientate you with your learning and next steps.

Payment is taken securely, using an online international payment gateway; offering you security and an instant receipt of payment.

If you choose to pay your full course fees today there are NO repeat payments or monthly fees.

Or if you choose the payment plan option. Your deposit is taken today and then all future payments are taken automatically on the same date next month at 0% interest. If you want to discuss your payment plan option please call us on 075 1373 5700.

You'll get Instant & Lifetime Access to the Parallel Coaching Academy.

Enroll below and Get Started Right Away... Dedicated to more.

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