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Level 3 Diploma In Supporting Clients With Long-Term Conditions

Become an exercise referral and support clients that fail a PAR-Q & have a Long-Term Condition.

Upon completion of this Diploma you will receive 2 Active IQ certificates. You'll gain the knowledge and confidence to plan and train clients that refer a PARQ.

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Course Overview

A long-term condition is defined as a condition, illness, or chronic ill-health that lasts longer than three months and that can not be cured. Such as asthma, arthritis, cancer, obesity, diabetes, chronic pain, mental health or heart disease, and more... you'll learn 27 conditions in this course.

Contrary to common belief, exercise referral extends beyond local schemes.

When someone refers a PAR-Q, indicating a medical condition and potential medication use, the gold standard PT qualification does not cover or insure you to work with this client.

The PT, Yoga, and Pilates qualifications assume a client passes a PAR-Q and is apparently healthy. What's more standard exercise, nutrition, and guidance a fitness professional offers could adversely impact a client's condition.

It doesn't mean a person who refers a PAR-Q cannot exercise. Nor does it mean every client requires a GP referral letter prior to training with you. Based on their condition and current status, you'll learn how to safely risk stratify and guide your client with 5* support.

It's reported that 15 million people in the UK have a long-term condition and it's likely your current and future clients will therefore fail a PARQ.

This is where the level 3 exercise referral diploma comes into its own. You'll learn how to carefully apply considerations and adaptations to your client's tailored exercise, nutrition, and behaviour change plans. Ultimately having a lasting impact on their health, wellness, and quality of life.

Upon completion of this course, you'll receive 2x Active IQ certificates that are industry-recognized by CIMSPA. This course is delivered 100% online, with weekly live accountability.

Gain the relevant and most up-to-date knowledge to support your clients and become a Level 3 exercise referral specialist today.

Course Structure

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Let's Introduce

As soon as you enroll today I'll (Hayley) email you with all the details about your course, plus I'll send your Active IQ course manual through the post.

Throughout your course you'll have me as your main contact. I deliver the course tutorials and all the live trainings.

Once enrolled you'll get instant access to your Parallel Coaching Academy student login. Here you'll find all your course resources to learn, revise and pass everything and become a knowledgable and confident Level 3 exercise referral specialist, including:

4 Health Landscape Tutorials

27 Clicnical Condition Tutorials

7 Behaviour Change Tutorials

5 Planning & Delivering Exercise Tutorials

Access to the Parallel Coaching Specialist community

Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology online exam

Level 3 Nutrition online exam

If you already have completed these exams as part of another qualification you won't need to do it again.

Level 3 Muscle Memory Sprint

Level 3 Muscle Memory Flashcards

Fitness Business Kick-Starter

FITPRO Start-Up Kit

We estimate that 1-2 hours of homestudy per week is ideal. This would guide you to complete the entire qualification inside 12-weeks. We have some learners complete everything in just 7-days. Whilst some spread their course out further towards 16-weeks.

You'll also get a physical Active IQ course manual sent through the post. Once this arrives you'll have an orientation call with Hayley. This call will guide your homestudies and set out a personal learning plan just for you.

We hold you accountable to take meaningful action and ensure you pass your course with confidence so you can work with clients who have a long-term condition and refer a PARQ.

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Structured Home Study

As soon as you enroll you can start learning 5-minutes from now.

Everyone learns at different speeds and in a variety of ways. That's why you get a physical manual, PDF downloads and online learning which can be downloaded to MP3 and MP4.

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Online Learning

Homestudy must be easy and fun to complete. Meaning you enjoy learning and supercharge your knowledge & confidence.

You'll also join our closed forum where we'll hold you accountable to complete your course. Plus every week we deliver a NEW live training to further progress your studies. You'll also get the entire back catalogue of live trainings.

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What Will I Learn

You can navigate your way through your course with detailed study plans, interactive video tutorials, and cheat sheets to ensure you learn everything you need to know.

We then add support via email, phone, and our Facebook Support Community, so you can continue to move forward with accountability.

Click the + buttons below to learn more about each unit of your course.

Unit 1: Multiple Choice Exams

There are two online Exams to complete as part of this course:

◾️ Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology
◾️ Level 3 Nutrition for Physical Activity

You'll get unlimited access to the Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology Revision Bootcamp, and our Level 3 Nutrition Revision Bootcamp.

If you are have already passed your level 3 Anatomy exam as part of another level 3 course.

You WILL NOT need to redo this.

Simply email a copy of your level 3 certificate after you enroll today and you'll be exempt from having to retake the exams for Unit 1.

Unit 2: The Health Landscape

Inside Unit 2 you get 4 Video Tutorials.

You'll learn about the Health Landscape and gain context regarding the rise of Long-Term Conditions, and the ageing population.

This includes:

◾️ Prevalence of Long-term clinical conditions

◾️ Lifestyle Behaviours

◾️ Sociodemographic Factors

◾️ The Ageing Process

Unit 3: Long-Term Conditions

Unit 3 holds the bulk of your learning and deep dives into 27 Long Term Conditions.

You'll explore each condition

Complete a cheat sheet and take 7 short online open-book e-assessments.

The 27 conditions are categorised into 7, including:

1️⃣ Musculoskeletal Conditions
✔ Osteoporosis
✔ Osteoarthritis
✔ Rheumatoid Arthritis
✔ Low Back Pain
✔ Total Joint Replacement

2️⃣ Cardiorespiratory Conditions
✔ Cardiovascular Disease
◾️ Coronary Heart Disease
◾️ Hypertension
◾️ Myocardial Ischaemia
◾️ Angina
◾️ Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack)
◾️ Atrial Fibrillation& Arrhythmia
◾️ Valve Disorders
◾️ Congenital Heart Disease
◾️ Peripheral Artery Disease
◾️ Aneurysms

✔ Dyslipidaemia
✔ Asthma
✔ C.O.P.D.

3️⃣ Diabetes & Metabolic Conditions
✔ Type 1 Diabetes
✔ Type 2 Diabetes
✔ Obesity

4️⃣ Mental Health Conditions
✔ Mood Disorders
◾️ Depression
◾️ Seasonal Affective Disorder
◾️ Postpartum Depression
◾️ Bipolar Disorder

✔ Anxiety & Stress
◾️ General Anxiety Disorder
◾️ Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
◾️ Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
◾️ Phobias

✔ Schizophrenia
✔ Substance Abuse

◾️ Eating Disorders
◾️ Anorexia Nervosa
◾️ Bulimia Nervosa
◾️ Binge Eating Disorder
◾️ Body Dysmorphic Disorder
◾️ Orthorexia

5️⃣ Neurological Conditions
✔ Dementia
◾️ Alzheimer’s Disease
◾️ Vascular Dementia
◾️ Dementia With Lewy Bodies
◾️ Frontotemporal Dementia
◾️ Mixed Dementia

✔ Stroke
✔ Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
✔ Parkinson's Disease
✔ Spinal Cord Injuries

6️⃣ Other Conditions
✔ Hypo & Hyper-Thyroidism

✔ Connective Tissue Disease
◾️ Scleroderma
◾️ Lupus
◾️ Myositis
◾️ Dermatomyositis

✔ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & ME
✔ Cancer
✔ Fibromyalgia

7️⃣ Comorbidity Conditions

◾️ Understanding Comorbidities
◾️ Discover "multi-morbidities"
◾️ Lifestyle Management for LTCs

Unit 4: Behaviour Change

In unit 4 you'll learn the importance and nuances of behaviour change for clients who have 1 or more long-term clinical conditions.

You'll explore a variety of theories and 'change' techniques to communicate with your clients to get long lasting results.

There are 7 video tutorials and 2 open book online e-assessments to complete.

Unit 5: Planning & Adapting Physical Activity

Unit 5 deep dives into the intricacies of planning physical activity for each condition.

You'll learn how to regress, progress, monitor and adapt exercises based on:

✔ medications
✔ signs
✔ symptoms
✔ client ability

There are 5 video tutorials.

You'll complete 1 hypothetical case study.

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Active IQ & CIMSPA Recognised

1️⃣ Active IQ Level 3 Diploma In Supporting Clients With Long

Term Conditions.

2️⃣ Active IQ Level 3 Diploma In Exercise Referral.

Entry Requirements

To complete this course, you must already hold a minimum of a Level 2 fitness qualifications, This could be a Level 2 fitness instructor or level 2 exercise to music.

You may already have a Level 3 personal trainer, Yoga, or Pilates qualification. In this case you'll be exempt from some of the course assessments.

If you don’t already have the pre-requisite, you can complete it alongside this qualification with our ''Specialist Package'. Please click the "enquire now" link above to learn more about our specialist packages.

How you'll be assessed

The course is split into multiple units which are assessed in a variety of theoretical and practical ways.

You will receive a learner achievement portfolio containing all the necessary coursework, and programme card templates. You have the option to fill it out using pen and pencil or complete it online.

Here's a list of your assessments to qualify as a Level 3 Exercise Referral Specialist:

Case study - this can be a real client or you can use one of our hypothetical clients.

1 online open book health landscape e-assessments7

7 online open book clinical condition e-assessments

2 online open book behaviour change e-assessments

Practical assessment

Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology online exam (if you already have this you won't need to do it again).

Level 3 Nutrition online exam (if you already have this you won't need to do it again).

Further details.

Open book e-assessments: You don't have revise the entire course word for word. This takes the pressure and stress off the e-assessments, meaning you enjoy the learning jorney even more.

Even a seasoned GP refers back to their books daily and doesn't rememeber everything. This is exactly the same for this qualification. You'll return back to your course resources as and when needed based on your future clients conditions.

You'll get instant scores and feedback after each e-assessment.

Case study: You can use a real client or use one of our hypothetical case studies. The client should have 2 or more clinical conditions.

Practical assesment: You'll submit 1x programme card based on your case study client. You'll then record this session and submit it for marking online.

It's not necessary for the individual used as the body in your practical assessment to have a medical condition; anyone can be used for this purpose.

Level 3 Diploma In Supporting Clients With Long-Term Conditons

✔ Pre-requisite = A valid Level 2 Fitness Qualification or Level 3 Fitness Qualification

You'll Get 2 Certificates:

1️⃣ Active IQ Level 3 Diploma In Supporting Clients With Long-Term Conditions.

2️⃣ Active IQ Level 3 Diploma In Exercise Referral.

✔ 100% online Qualificaion

✔ Active IQ Physical Manual

✔ Instant & Lifetime access to your Parallel Coaching Academy Login

✔ Over 30 hours of interactive tutorials

✔ Weekly Live Accountability

✔ Weekly Live Training

✔ Fitness Business Kick-Starter

✔ Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology Revision Bootcamps

Level 3 Nutrition Revision Bootcamp

✔ Level 3 Muscle Memory Sprint

✔ Level 3 Muscle Memory Flashcards

✔ FITPRO Start-Up Kit

✔ Next step Career Consultation

✔ 24/7 Student Support