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Level 4 Advanced Personal Trainer

Provide a greater service to all future clients and refine your knowledge and skill set as a Level 4 Advanced Personal Trainer

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Level 4 Certificate in Advanced Personal Training

Full course cost: £549.00

Level 4 is the highest recognized Fitness Qualification and allows you to set yourself apart from other fitness professionals, expand your knowledge, confidence, and client service.

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Level 4 Certificate in Advanced Personal Training

This is your opportunity to set yourself apart from other Fitness Professionals with the credibility and confidence of a Level 4 Advanced Personal Trainer.

Course Overview

This Level 4 Certificate in Advanced Personal Training provides the key skills and advanced knowledge required to establish you as an expert.

In a highly competitive market, successful personal trainers are results-driven and confidently differentiate their services.

Throughout the Level 4 Certificate in Advanced Personal Training, you will gain a comprehensive, scientific and evidence-based approach to programming.

This means your training sessions and advice become more focused and relevant to your client's goals.

Your coaching becomes based on science, making client results guaranteed, which ultimately means greater client retention and attracting more clients as you become an expert.

As standard, we provide you with all the support and resources you need to expand your knowledge to Level 4 standard.

Our Level 4 Certificate in Advanced Personal Training is fully accredited by Active IQ and recognised by CIMSPA. Meaning this qualification is recognised internationally.

This course is delivered via online learning, with a supporting and flexible approach to learning.

Upon enrollment, you'll be allocated a tutor who will reach out immediately to introduce and orientate you with your course.

We'll combine home study with unlimited phone and email support, a support community, and bespoke learning resources.

Entry Requirements

To complete this course, you must already hold a valid Level 3 Personal Trainer Qualification.

If you don’t already have the pre-requisite, you can complete it alongside this qualification with our ''Advanced PT Bundle Package'. The specialist package bundles the NEW Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training and Level 4 Advanced Personal Trainer together.

If you would like this option, then please click the "Enquire Now" Button above and we'll set up your bespoke offer for you.

It's also good to have a reasonable amount of experience in health and fitness. Plus have a passion for one particular area of specialism that will lead your research.

What will you learn

As a specialist FITPRO you will dive deep into the...

To become an expert in this field, you’ll need in-depth knowledge and specialist skills, which is exactly what we’ll teach you on your course. This course has been specifically designed to make you more adaptable, more marketable, and more versatile than the competition.

Here’s a brief overview of what you’ll learn on your L4 Advanced Personal Training course

Module 1: Advanced Client Consultations & Research

This section of your Advanced PT course ensures you are setting off on the right foot with every client.
We'll explore the questions that make an effective first consultation, and how you can ask world-class questions to find out more.

After the consultation, you will learn how to research and source credible information for specific client goals.

You can tailor this directly to your case study client and your ideal specialisms.

In the past learner, research sections have varied wildly from :

✔ How to improve a 10 KM pace in 12 weeks
✔ Factors that affect abdominal fat loss in men
✔ Behavioural Change and mindful eating
✔ What type of activity is best for perimenopausal and menopausal women
✔ Is high-intensity intervals better than long duration for fat loss

You will deep dive into advanced goal-setting and apply your research in a practical setting with your case study client.

Module 2: Advanced Client Testing Protocols

This section builds on the knowledge obtained in the consultation and research section with your clients.

Here you will learn the advanced health screening, functional movement and physiological fitness tests that support your clients goal.

You will learn how to execute a variety of assessment and analyse data from your case study to create specific client goals.

Module 3: Advanced Behaviour Change

Behaviour Change is the crux to clients achieving their goals and leaving their old habits behind.

Here you will learn the advanced methods into effective client behaviour change protocols. You will understand

✔ client motivations,
✔ client adherence
✔ barriers
✔ strategies to support the client towards achieving the full goal.
✔ and more

You will also explore NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) principles including, framing, re-framing, anchoring, questioning, and rapport building.

Module 4: Advanced Planning & Periodisation

Here you will learn the advanced training systems and how these fit into a logical progressed 12-week plan.

We explore
✔ Long term periodisation
✔ Linear and tactical periodisation
✔ Planning for individual session
✔ Planning principles

Module 5: Using Technology to Support Clients

Here you will learn how to implement the use of new technology in how you coach and instruct clients.

You'll learn how to identify the best type of technology for a specific client.

You will then use the technology to analyze and interpret data to improve client performance and help them achieve their goals.

Module 6: Advanced Coaching Practice

Coaching is not just about the instructing skills you display in sessions.

It is also about the ability to support the client in between sessions, hold them accountable and progress their behavior change

This section will teach you how to confidentiality coach and support a client towards a guaranteed goal.

How you'll be assessed

The course is split into multiple units which are each assessed with 3 Professional Discussions, a Casestudy portfolio, and a short presentation. Regardless of your learning style and speed, you’ll receive as much support as you need in order to pass this course.

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Learning & Support Materials

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Unlimited Tutor Support

As soon as you enroll, we'll reach out straight away to welcome you to your course.

I'll set up your online Parallel Coaching Academy login, so you get instant access.

You can contact us 24/7

It doesn't matter how BIG, small, silly, or complex your questions are... we're here to help you enjoy learning and kick start in fitness with tip-top knowledge and confidence.

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Lifetime Access To The Parallel Coaching Academy

Soon as you enroll you can start learning 5-minutes from now.

The Parallel Coaching Academy contains an abundance of resources, cheat sheets, and online video tutorials that can be easily downloaded to MP4 (video) and MP3 (audio) so you can learn anywhere, anytime!

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All Resources In One Place

You'll get instant and lifetime access to all of the video tutorials and resources in your log-in area.

This log-in area will be the hub for you to work through each section of your course, including a learning plan to guide you through each step.

You have EVERYTHING you need to learn, apply and pass your Level 4 Certificate in Advanced Personal Training with confidence.

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Structured Study

Structured study to ensure you enjoy every step of your Level 4 Advanced Personal Training course journey.

You can navigate your way through your course with detailed study plans, interactive video tutorials, and cheat sheets to ensure you learn everything you need to know.

We then add support via email, phone, and our Facebook Support Community, so you can continue to move forward with accountability

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Future Proof Your Career

You will still have access to all the help and support you need even after your studies have finished.

Whether that's for advice on promoting your fitness business or questions about how to work with a specific client.

Plus every learner gets a personal reference to hand to any future employer and lifetime access to our Fitness Business Kickstarter CPD course.

This is not just a course... soon as you enroll you become a Parallel Coaching family member.

We want you to graduate the course with 10/10 knowledge and confidence so you can thrive in the fitness industry.

Level 4 Advanced Personal Training Qualification