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Level 4 Obesity

& Diabetes

Become A L4 Specialist In Offering Physical Activity & Weight Management For Obese and Diabetic Clients.

Level 4 is the highest recognized Fitness Qualification and allows you to set yourself apart from other fitness professionals.

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Course Overview

This Level 4 qualification in obesity and diabetes builds upon the foundational knowledge of the Level 3 exercise referral course.

Obesity and Diabetes rates in the UK are on the rise, which makes this a critical time to become a level 4 specialist in helping clients with these conditions. These higher-risk clients require a caring and empathetic approach to behaviour change, alongside clear activity, nutrition and lifestyle advice.

You'll learn how to support and motivate your clients through a range of lifestyle choices, helping individuals regain control of their health and rewrite their futures.

This Level 4 qualification provides a deep exploration into considerations when working with obese and diabetic clients. You'll understand the pivotal role of activity and behaviour change, recognizing its significance in promoting sustainable lifestyle modifications.

You'll also learn how to work alongside healthcare professionals, medications and bariatric surgery. This means you can confidently offer holistic advice for those who are under a range of medications and treatments. You'll gain familiarity and confidence with offering nutrition and hormone regulation advice.

Additionally, the qualification covers the aetiology, diagnosis, and prevalence of these conditions, offering a deeper insight into the rise apparent in the UK today.

Achieving this Level 4 qualification is your chance to distinguish yourself and attain the highest recognition in the fitness industry. This means you can provide greater value and expand who you work with.

Upon successfully finishing this online qualification, you will be awarded three certificates, certifying you as a Level 4 specialist in Obesity and Diabetes.

Acquire the latest knowledge through this qualification, recognized by Active IQ and CIMSPA. Enroll today to enhance your expertise and make a positive impact in addressing the challenges of obesity and diabetes.

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Let's Introduce

Likely is you'll speak with Hayley prior to signing up. Any questions you have please do arrange a call via the "enquire now" button below:

Throughout your entire course you'll have me (Hayley) as your main contact and I deliver all the online tutorials.

Once enrolled you'll get instant access to your Parallel Coaching Academy student login. Here you'll find all your course resources to learn, revise and pass everything to become a knowledgable and confident Level 4 obesity and diabetes specialist, including:

25+ interactive tutorials + cheatsheets

Document Vault

Access to our "Specialist Instructor Forum"

Weekly Live Accountability & Training

FIT-Progressions - all of the client planning and training approaches

Fitness Business Kick-Starter

FITPRO Start Up Kit

Level 3 Nutrition Revision Bootcamp

We estimate that 1-2 hours of homestudy per week is ideal. This would guide you to complete the entire qualification inside 8-weeks. We have some learners complete everything in just 7-days. Whilst some spread their course out further towards 14-weeks.

You'll get a physical Active IQ course manual sent through the post. Once this arrives you'll have an orientation call with Hayley. This call will guide your homestudies and set out a personal learning plan just for you.

We'll also discuss how we'll hold you accountable each week to do your studies. For some learners this is via a call, for others it's via text or email. Either way, we're here to ensure you have the best learning journey.

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Home Study

Everyone learns at different speeds and in a variety of ways. That's why you get a physical Active IQ manual, PDF downloads and online learning which can be downloaded to MP3 and MP4.

Homestudy must be easy and fun to complete. Meaning you enjoy learning and supercharge your knowlegde & confidence.

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You'll get instant and lifetime access to all of the video tutorials and resources in your log-in area.

Each tutorial can be downloaded to MP3 and MP4, meaning you can learn offline, anywhere!

Plus each tutorial is interactive with a follow-along cheatsheet meaning you gather all the key knowledge.

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Online Support

You'll also join our "Specialist Instructor forum" where we'll hold you accountable to complete your course.

Every week we deliver a NEW live training to further progress your studies. What's more, you'll also get the entire back catalogue of live trainings.

Click the + buttons below to learn more about each unit of your course.

1. Diagnosis of Obesity & Diabetes

2 Video Tutorials

This section will teach you about the diagnosis and definition of Obesity and Diabetes and broadens your knowledge beyond that of the level 3 exercise referral.

You'll learn how to interpret diagnosis and health care test results, so you can best support your clients.

2. Aetiology of Obesity & Diabetes

2 Video Tutorials

Deep dive into research and learn about the potential causes of Obesity and Diabetes

Understanding the variety of causes allows us as FITPROs to have empathy with our clients.

This section looks at the science and research behind the many causes and they relate to each other.

3. Prevalence of Obesity & Diabetes

2 Video Tutorials

Find out the prevalence of Obesity and Diabetes across the UK and worldwide, and understand significant trends.

This knowledge allows you to research changing trends in prevalence and communicate this to your new and potential clients.

4. Comorbidities of Obesity & Diabetes

3 Video Tutorials

Obesity is one of the most prevalent conditions alongside other comorbidities

Here you will understand the associated conditions and comorbidities

✔ Musculoskeletal,
✔ Metabolic,
✔ and Mental Health Comorbidities.

5. Health Implications of Obesity & Diabetes

2 Video Tutorials

It is rarely the case that a common clinical condition has no knock-on health impacts.

However, those linked to Obesity and Diabetes are often severe and likely.

Here, you'll understand the health risks and implications for both Obese and Diabetic Clients.

✔ Foot health complications
✔ Posture and Gait analysis
✔ Organ failure
✔ Eyesight complications
and more

6. Hormones

3 Video Tutorials

This section looks at the relationship between hormones, obesity, and diabetes.

You'll explore the impact on:
✔ Fat storage
✔ Weight management
✔ Insulin
✔ Glucagon
✔ Stress Hormones
✔ Appetite Hormones

7. Nutrition Advice

3 Video Tutorials

Nutrition Advice is a key component of weight management, and symptom management for Obese and Diabetic clients

In this section you'll learn about

✔ fundamental nutritional guidelines
✔ nutritional myths
✔ calorie calculations
✔ the finer implementation of nutrition advice for obese and diabetic clients

8. Physical Activity & Exercise

3 Video Tutorials

Learn the exercise guidelines and recommendations for Obese and Diabetic clients, including:

✔ long term periodisation
✔ activity advice
✔ how to write an individual programme card

This knowledge will not only prepare you for the case study part of the assessment process but also teach your long-term strategies for working with real-life clients.

9. Behaviour Change

3 Video Tutorials

Learn how to elicit effective behavioral change with Obese and Diabetic clients;


✔ Behaviour Change strategies
✔ Recognised models for change
✔ Tactics To improve communication and empathy with clients
✔ Tools to implement immediately

These Behaviour change skills will empower you to elicit long-term change and make a meaningful impact on the lives of your clients.

10. Multidisciplinary Health Care

2 Video Tutorials

As a Level 4 specialist, it is crucial that you earn how to work alongside health care professionals, to provide a safe and effective treatment plan.

You'll learn how to work alongside the National Obesity Strategy and National Diabetes Strategy.

Plus a deep dive into how to work with clients before or after bariatric surgery, and the intricacies of treatment.

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You Get 3 Certificates

1️⃣ Active IQ Level 4 Certificate in Physical Activity & Weight Management For Obese & Diabetic Clients

2️⃣ Level 4 Certificate In Planning And Instructing For Obese & Diabetic Clients

3️⃣ Level 4 Certificate In Supporting Behaviour Change In Obese And Diabetic Clients

Entry Requirements

To complete this course, you must already hold a Level 3 Exercise Referral or the NEW Level 3 Diploma in Supporting clients With Long-Term Conditions.

If you don’t already have the pre-requisite then please click the "enquire now" link above to learn more about our "Specialist Packages".